Investor Relations


Audit Committee
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Stakeholders Relationship Committee

Codes / Policies

Archival Policy
Board Diversity Policy
Board Evaluation Policy
Code for Fair Disclosure
Code Of Conduct For Directors & Senior Management
Code Of Conduct For Independent Directors
Conduct For Regulating, Monitoring And Reporting Of Trading By Insider - Final
Familirization Programme of Independent Directors
Nomination and Remuneration Policy
Policy for Determination of Materiality
Preservation Of Documents Policy
Related Party Transaction Policy
Risk Management Policy
Terms And Conditions Of Appointment Of Independent Director
Whistle Blower Policy

Audited Financial Result

Un-Audited Financial Results of 30.06.2015
Un-Audited Financial Results of 30.09.2015
Un-Audited Financial Results of 31.12.2015
Audited Financials Results_March 2016
Unaudited Financial Result_June 2016
Unaudited Financial Result_September 2016
Unaudited Financial Results_December 2016
Audited Financials _March 2017

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